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IcyShot - The Wedding Zine

A digital edit  by the Frozen Mixology Company


Launching The Wedding Zine


Digital Campaign

Editorial Design


March 2020

CONCEPT of The Wedding Zine 

IcyShot : TWZ is a quarterly digital edit, which aims to connect with the current client database and acquiring the new customers those work in event industry, or soon hosting a new event.  The Edit features the wedding trend in the season, highlight the event of the quarter that IcyShot participates, also introducing their new or exclusive flavors. 

icyshot digital campaign.jpg
Digital Campaign-07.jpg

Digital Activities


   *  Email & Whatsapp Blast

   *  Social Media Advertising



   * Direct inquiries from Email & Whatsapp Database regarding the order for upcoming events in Autumn & Winter 2020,  conversion rate of: 42,5 % .

  * Direct Inquiries from Social Media Advertising, conversion rate of 68,5%. 

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Motivational Video : When in Quarantine...

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