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THL Investment

THL Investment has been in real-estate industry since 1990s, provides architecture design service, villa leasing and housing management.


Art Direction - Interior Photography

Website Development




2018- 2019

White Abstract
"West Lake Hanoi is a charming landmark. The character, history and romance of this neighborhood would add an extra something special to your journey here."
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- THL Investment Founder -

28 year of expertise, THL now owns a number of properties around West Lake area in Hanoi, specialises in European styled residences, with a touch of Oriental elements.  

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Website Development

THL Investment website features the company's significant properties. It aims to not only feature THL new premium apartments, but also to create an intellectual lifestyle in West Lake neighborhood.

The branding solution is to steer away from the obviously extravagant interior photography and a complicated typography. Hence, the website interface style is timeless, the tone of voice for copywriting is informative and poetic. We crafted an online platform that highlights the Parisian style of the property in a modern approach, with deep olive green, concrete, pink marble and gold as the main color scheme. The palette resembles a nostalgic reference of nature, giving the calming and Zen mind but still, remains the luxurious attribute. ​

The featured images focus on a quality lifestyle, natural products those that bring harmony and peace for emotional health. The website is a user-friendly interface, fast loading, with the integration of BOOK ONLINE and NEWS/ BLOG- type features for highly effective communication between users & admin. 


Design Concept -

Tone of Voice

We decided to steer away from the obvious solutions including an extravagant interior photography and a complicated typography. Hence, the interface style is minimal, the tone of voice for copywriting is informative, poetic and timeless.

The colour palette is an assortment of neutral and nostalgic references, resembling the tones of construction materials such as: concrete, brick, wood and green leaves, while not ceding to the contemporary cliché of minimalism. 

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Image by Ellieelien
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