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THL Investment Group

THL Investment has been in real-estate industry since 1990s, provides architecture design service, villa leasing and housing management.


Interior & Lifestyle Photography


2018- 2019

THL Villa &

THL Cottage

Our approach to the interior shooting was to maintain the European style of the brand through vintage colours of properties elements, but also introduce a minimal feel through neutral setting. We hoped to convey the spirit of elegance, classic but contemporary at the same time.

THL Residence Westlake

THL Residence is an ideal resting place in the heart of West Lake Hanoi for those looking class & style. 


Each of the apartments is set in different Parisian theme, designed with distinctive elegance of French architecture, Indochina Interior through arc ceiling, natural wood furniture or marble floor. Modern Parisian Art Decor in the touch of gold home decor enhances the charm. 

The main color palette highlights the Parisian style of the property in a modern approach, with deep olive green, light stone grey and gold as the main color scheme. The palette delivers the essence of close to nature, giving the calming and Zen spirit but still, remains the luxury vibe. ​