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THL Residence Westlake

THL Residence Weslake is new remarkable European-influenced architecture boutique apartments located in Dang Thai Mai street, just three minutes walking from the peaceful waters of the largest lake in the city in a tranquil residential setting.  Ten minutes to the Old Quarter. 


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The logo type is formed by the simplified symbol of THL, sits inside of a vintage oval frame. It resembles the head of an antique key, which embraces the European essences of THL Residence Westlake.

A modern approached of botanical element in classic Moisac Tiles pattern. These details are featured in all THL Residence Branding materials. The main color palette are deep olive green, light stone grey, blush and gold; delivers the essence of nature, giving the calming and Zen spirit but still, remains the luxury vibe.

The Parisian Concept

THL Residence is an ideal resting place in the heart of West Lake Hanoi for those looking class & style. 


Each of the apartments is set in different Parisian theme, designed with distinctive elegance of French architecture, Indochina Interior through arc ceiling, natural wood furniture or marble floor. Modern Parisian Art Decor in the touch of gold home decor enhances the charm. 

The branding solution is to steer away from the obviously extravagant interior photography and a complicated typography.


The color scheme is an assortment of botanical and nostalgic references, resembling the tones of nature-made and man materials such as: concrete, pink marble, wood, green leaves and touch of gold, while not ceding to the contemporary cliché of minimalism. 


Explore THL Residence Westlake Video, capturing the fusion French - Indochina style >>>

In Collaboration with ODLab.


With the right pricing strategies and operation principles, our Solutions brought sale result and helped the business to advance to the next phase of their sale plan. 

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