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labels : sustainability exhibition

labels : concept retail embrace the concept of contrast, by a mix of opposites with recognized. young, conceptual and essential designer's brands. 


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2019 - April 2020

The Sustainability Exhibition aimed to endorsing a conscious lifestyle and a sensitive sense for high quality. A pinker lifestyle in which labels : encourages their customers to buy less and choose well; praise the new and respect the heritage; love the raw beauty and admire artificial art; support one another; live sustainably for a bigger cause. The Exhibition was launched exclusively for VIPs guests and Media partners first, then opened for public the whole following week. 

Labels_sustainability event-7.jpg
Labels_sustainability event-10.jpg


An in-vogue vision for the brand's social platforms, turning them into powerful tools to boost labels' philosophy & awareness. Content & Visual strategies pursue the pathway of becoming a Social Media Lifestyle Magazine, issued monthly in motivational discussion over feminism, equality, traditions, art... Respect Heritage, Praise the New, infused with Poetic Mind, all become a compass for labels: l'appreciateur Editorial. 

Exhibition Set-Up

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Media Solutions

Get in Touch to explore the insights of media solutions for Sustainability Exhibition. 

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