O. City organics

O•City is an business on organic food and product that committed to accompany local organic farms in obtain the most difficult organic certifications (Eg.USDA...) to bring best benefits to customers.


Food Photography

Farm Lookbook 


Packaging Development


2018 & Jan 2020

O. City's vision aims to involve farmers / producers and customers in a long-term process of forming and maintaining organic ecosystems, even right in busy city life.

Packaging Development:

We sought to create a design which embody the organic and modern traits. The packaging for Daily Fresh products is prone to classic containers with hand-drawing/ hand-writing details on the labels. White dominates the color palette, adorned by other vibrant tones of fruits and veggies: Green, Orange, Red, Yellow ...

The Daily Fresh labels & O.Cafe : Coming Soon :

Fresh &  Organic

Crafted Natural Products : Coming Soon :

Winter farm lookbook featured organic farm life far away from the busy city. The tone is cool and deep, with a gentle contrast betwwen sunlight and shadow, creating a calm and nurturing feeling. 


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