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IcyBar - Cocktail de Bienvenida Lookbook

IcyShot - The Frozen Mixology Co. evokes all principles of mixology to bring in a frozen cocktails in the form of a palette, an art of mixing spirits and essences.


Event Lookbook Photography



Six years ago in Los Cabos BCS, IcyShot was born, under the bright concept of  French mixology in the shape of a palette. The first frozen cocktail, after many unsuccessful attempts to freeze the tequila, finally came to life. Ever since, it has always been IcyShot's signature flavor - Frozen Margarita Blue. 

IcyShot was given birth with a concept of being an essential element in every celebration, to create a unique and unforgettable moment and embrace people with joy. Behind every IcyShot is a great cocktail ! 

Cocktail de Bienvenida!

The shooting aims to deliver high-end touches infused with hipster vibe - the core personality of IcyShot. The premium trait shown through the elegant wedding setting and deepened Forest color palette. IcyShot provided a wood-inspired cooler trunk to match with the theme of the wedding. Meanwhiles, hipster & contemporary vibe stays in the minimal IcyBar with LED effect. 

Photo by Samatha Gades

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